A Freedom Certified Inspection Can Protect You & Help You Sell Your Home Faster!

How do you get what you need out of your home? Simple- Offer your home as Certified Pre-Owned Home with a Home Warranty! This will drastically increase it’s marketability as well as limit possible re-negotiations.

Home buyers have traditionally been the primary source of home inspections; however, in today’s competitive marketplace; sellers really need to market their home if they want top dollar for their investment. Freedom’s Certified Pre-Owned Home program literally pays for itself by limiting re-negotiations and adding market value.

Here’s what a Freedom Home Inspection Includes:

  • 90 Day Guarantee included at no additional cost to you.
  • One Free Re-Inspection is provided once repairs are made.
  • We guarantee a 24-hour turn around time for the electronic copy of the report.
  • A beautifully hardbound copy which includes an extensive “Home Maintenance Guide” when requested.
  • We point out the positive attributes of the home as well as those items that need to be monitored or improved.
  • We use the InterNACHI standards, the most comprehensive in the industry. We check ALL outlets, windows and doors and not just a “representative” sampling.

We think this may very well be the answer you’re looking for to help get the most money for your home. The best business ventures are those where all parties benefit. Let us help one another and allow us to help market and sell your home.